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Mark Lane Photo specializes in Sports Action Photos - capturing youth sports when the kids are excelling in their sport. 

MLP has become known for taking photos at the peak of a players performance.  Not the "safe" warm-up shots, or non-action sideline photos.  But capturing the touchdown pass mid-air, the ball making contact with the bat, the gymnasts mid-air with the perfect pose.  And, when working with large youth sports events, MLP makes every effort possible to get every player.  For example, at a gym meet with over 300 participatns, MLP will take over 30,000 photos and it is very rare if we don't get at least one photo of each participant. 

Sport Action Photo events are posted within 24-48 hours of the events.  (Note: Gym Meets are usually within 5-7 days.)  MLP reviews EVERY photo for quality and are they appropriate to be posted on the internet.  The gallery wesbite is very user freindly, safe and secure.  Events are posted in a very organized fashion.  Gym meets, for example, are posted by Gym, level, sessions and events. 

Photos from Mark Lane Photo have appeard in the Arizona Republic articles (not the fan posts), ImagesAZ, several local newspapers and featured on KTVK TV 3 Sportscasts.  

There are some limitations.  MLP generally works with the entire youth sports group and must always seek permission to be on the field, court or gym from the youth sports group's leader.  For High School sports, MLP must have written permission from the school's Atheltic Director to be at the facility.  Even if a parent wants to hire MLP to take action photos of just their child. 

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